VRCS – Electro-hydraulic Solution

VRCS – Electro-hydraulic Solution

The difference between the hydraulic and electro-hydraulic Valve Remote Control System is a compact electro-hydraulic power unit, that is mounted on the drives of valves. Therefore the system will not need  any hydraulic pipes.

The installation of electro hydraulic actuators and the compact design provides an easy and cost-saving installation.

The traditional hydraulic installation using extensive lengths of hydraulic piping needing intensive service and maintenance. The installation of an electro hydraulic Valve Remote Control System is done purely by standard electrical wiring.

The compact unit consists of an electric motor, hydraulic pump and tank. Power units for various applications with different protection classes, hydraulic outputs and motor voltages are available. There are emergency terminals on the driver for manual operation.

The system could control the pumps such as fire pump, bilge pump, ballast pump, fuel transfer pump etc.

Valves can be operated directly from panel in control cabinet and/or from separate operator stations.