VRCS – Hydraulic Solution

VRCS – Hydraulic Solution

The Hydraulic Valve Remote Control System provided by API Marine is designed according to shipyards specifications as well as meeting the full requirement quality and reliability of modern shipowner as well as the requirements of all major Classifications Societies.

The Hydraulic Valve Remote Control System provides a centralized and single point of view of all valve and actuator positions as well the capabilities and full control over the operation of the actuator and valves.

The mimics of the system is “taylor made” to the specific vessel and its operations, and gives the client flexibility and ability to manage and control at the same time.

The Hydraulic Valve Remote Control System is fully integrated withthe API Marine tank management system, and can be fully integrated with any shipyard specific tank management system.

Typical  Hydraulic Valve Control System consists of:

  • Hydraulic Power Unit  (HPU)which includes an oil tank, pump and motor, accumulator, control cabinet and necessary sensors.
  • Solenoid Valve Cabinet (SVC) includes the manifolds and directional control valves, PLC system and a touch panel shows the valve position and the system status
  • Operation Stations (OS) can be installed in cargo control room, bridge room and/or and any other place at the vessel, to indicate the system overview  and full operational control of the valves remotely;
  • The Valves and the actuators. Valves could be installed on the deck, dry space or submerged in the tank which can be operated by a portable hand pump locally for emergency operation.

Oil flow from hydraulic tank to the hydraulic pump then to the control valve. The request from Operation Station control the flow to the control valve, and initiate to actuators to open/close. Oil returns from the actuators through the control valve and back to the tank.


  • Modern and flexible solutions
  • Full and easy integration with API Marine tank management system
  • Compatible with most other tank management systems
  • Customizable and modern software (mimic) for easy operation and control

VRCS – Valve And Remote Control System Hydraulic Data sheet