The Tank Level Gauging Systems (TLGS) for oil & chemical tankers is designed for monitoring all types of oil, oil products & chemicals in the cargo tanks and provides remote monitoring of the following parameters in cargo and slop tanks:

  • Cargo level
  • Cargo temperature
  • Inert gas pressure
  • Pressure & vacuum in the cargo tanks
  • Manifold pressure monitoring

The Tank Level Gauging Systems (TLGS) meets all IMO and classification societies’ requirements for oil carriers and allows for a highly accurate calculation of the volume of stored and transferred cargo. The Tank Level Gauging Systems (TLGS) system provides online cargo information during cargo operations.

Information from sensors is transmitted to the MasterLoad™ cargo computer, where loading, strength and stability are calculated online and the safety of operation parameters for the current loading condition is being controlled. Preliminary preparation of the cargo plan is also possible.

Main Advantages:

  • New ruggedized and compact tank level radar
  • Combined sensor for temperature and pressure measurement (less cabling)
  • No moving parts or electronics inside the tank
  • Service-friendly design
  • Customizable solutions
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Tank level radar TGD-R

System Configuration:

  • Pressure and temperature measurement in one sensor TGD-TP
  • Control cabinet(s) & operator station(s)
  • Flashing lamp and horn
  • Pressure measurement for manifold UPT™