The Remote Sounding System is a well proven systems for level and draft measurement in ballast and service tanks. The system is based on electric type pressure transmitters, and fully developed by API Marine with modular design to meet specification and demand of most applications.

The System is designed to measure the level in ballast and service tanks and the vessel’s draft, with pressure sensors for both dry compartments as well as submerged applications.

The pressure transmitters provide a standard 4-20mA output, which are connected directly to the control cabinet. The system is fully integrated into API Marines integrated solutions, however can also be supplied as a stand-alone system with local operation station.
The System can easily be extended to handle inputs from other measuring points i.e. temperature and/or pressure sensors and level switches. With its modular design the system is easily adapted to handle required numbers of tanks or inputs in a cost-effective manner. This makes the system well suited also for retrofit installation.

Main Advantages:

  • Level measurement in ballast and service tanks
  • Draft measurement
  • Can be supplied as stand-alone system with local operator station, and is easily integrated to most automation systems
  • Level alarm functionalities
  • System can be easily extended with input from other sensors, such as temperature sensors and level switches
  • Suitable for retrofit installations
  • Sensors available in a wide variety of versions – both for dry as well as sub-merged applications

System Configuration:

  • Electric pressure transmitters
  • Cabinet including safety barriers and interfaces for other sensors
  • MODBUS/Ethernet output
  • Operator stations & software (optional)