In 2006 API Marine installed the system for controlling cargo operations – TSS/Cargo on chemical tanker Oraholm, which is owned by the Danish ship-owner Rederiet M.H. Simonsen. This tanker, with deadweight of 4,500 tons is built according to Oil/Chemical tanker IMO 2, Iceclass 1B, and is designed to carry various types of chemical cargos. After several months of sailing in harsh conditions of Greenland waters the tanker is now back in Europe.

TSS/Cargo system, installed on Oraholm taker was supposed to meet two main requirements. Firstly, since the vessel is built according to IMO 2 class and can carry chemically active cargos, sensors, comprising the system had to be highly resistant to the active media. The second requirement was the guaranteed operation of the sensors when sailing in low temperature conditions in Arctic regions. To achieve this on Oraholm, API Marine introduced a method of installing deck equipment in coamings (see picture below). Among other advantages of using API Marine sensors in Arctic operation conditions is that there is no need for the crew to remove cargo being stuck to sensors and to prevent antenna from frosting.

Apart from Oraholm, TSS/Cargo system developed by API Marine was also installed on another tanker owned and operated by Simonsen – Orasila, which is a smaller version with deadweight of 1,600 tons.