API Marine has successfully carried out start-up and commissioning of full Integrate Cargo Handling and Management System, Alarm, Ballast and Remote Sounding and Valve Remote Control System at a Victory Lake shipyard near Entebbe, Uganda. The “MT KABAKA MUTEBI II” is the first tanker to be launched in a series of 4 ships each of 4.500 ts special designed for oil transport between Uganda and Kenya crossing the world 2nd largest lake – LAKE VICTORIA.

The new ships will be operated under management of Mahathi Infra Uganda Ltd, which core specialty lies in its engineering expertise in safe and efficient oil and maritime infrastructure. Mahathi Infra Uganda Ltd provides the infrastructure necessary to store and transport fuel providing reliable seaborne transportation of oil from Kenya to Uganda.

Backed by deep engineering expertise and vast experience, one of Mahathi Infra Uganda Ltd.’s core business areas is to provide full range of specialized maritime infrastructure to the oil industry in Uganda.

API Marines Commissioning Chief Engineer, Dennis Pedersen, took part in the overall commissioning of “MT KABAKA MUTEBI II “ as member of a team of engineers and experts from Denmark, China and India  who – together with the local shipyard staff and engineers – succeed this great work on the banks of Lake Victoria, Africa.