On 7th of March, 2015 “Olga Golovushkina” was officially launched at a ceremony at Armada Shipyard in Turkey. This was the first vessel in the RST22M series (7100 DWT River Sea Tanker) that was built at Armada Shipyard.

Another 6 tankers are under construction in various stages of readiness, and all will be equipped with Integrated Automation System from API Marine.

The API Marine scope of supply included:

TSS/Cargo – Remote cargo control & monitoring system
TSS/Alarm – High level / overfill system
TSS/BMS – Remote sounding system for ballast and service tanks
TSS/Master Load – Loading and stability system
TSS/Control – Engine room control system

The vessel (7100 DWT) has a capacity of 6 cargo tanks and two slop tanks, and meets all the latest requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and is the latest vessel to be launched in the well-proven RST22M series.

API Marine congratulates Palmali Shipping with “Olga Golovushkina”.