We are pleased to announce our new distribution partnership agreement with ETV El-talvuvirkid i Gøtu, for primary the Faroe Island and North Atlantic High Sea Fishing Markets.

ETV is located in the Faroe Islands, which is a strategical good position to serve the present and the fast-growing fleet of High Sea and High-Tech Fishing vessels operating in the West-Nordic region between Iceland, Scotland, and Norway.

With more than 35 years’ experience, ETV is one of the pioneers of the Faroese electrical industry and combine to day design and production of inhouse automation solutions with representation of first-class marine technical makers, covering a wide range of equipment complementary to the full API Marine sensors, software, and system packages.

“Our newly formed partnership with ETV is an exciting step forward for API Marine enable us to further strengthen after sales support, service and sales in the North Atlantic area. ETV is a highly regarded partner with a first-rate team of trained experts. We are confident in ETV’s management team and they are well positioned to meet the growing demands from the increasing numbers of High Sea Fishing vessels equipped with API Marine sensors and systems” – said Allan Lydersen, Executive Vice President of API Marine for Sales, Service and Marketing.

“We are very happy and pleased with this cooperation with API Marine and the fact that our customers now can be confidence that service and spare parts support for API Marines products have back-up from ETV by our team central positioned in West-Nordic Atlantic Area” said Eydun Hansen, Managing Director of ETV, The Faroe Island.

For further information on ETV, please visit www.ETV.Fo