Ultrasonic Tank Switch UTS

TGE Marine Gas Engineering has placed a new order for API liquid level control for six LEG/LPG-/Ammonia-/VCM-carriers, built at STX Offshore & Shipbuilding in South Korea. The ordered special cryo-version liquid level switches allow level control in extreme cargo temperatures, ranging from -200°C to +450°C, making them the perfect choice for gas carrier application.

Ultrasonic Tank Switch UTS is made of high quality stainless steel and is used for level detection of any types of liquids in vessel tanks, storage tanks, bilge water tanks, cofferdams as well as for control of water ingress to vessel’s compartments.

UTS is characterized by high resistance to sticky products, high robustness, shock resistance and increased reliability due to reinforced rod and electronic unit of new generation. It has no moving or vibrating parts. The API UTS is installed outside the tank with only one metal rod inside. Having only metal rod inside the tank and no mechanical or moving parts means no maintenance is required.