Lauritzen-Kosan is one of the leading LPG and petrochemical gas shipping companies servicing the petrochemical industry worldwide. For a newbuilding series of LPG tankers, Lauritzen-Kosan has chosen API Marine as supplier of the liquid sensor technology (API ASL™ Liquid Level Switch) for the tank installations.

The newbuildings for Lauritzen-Kosan will have a capacity of 8,000 cubic metres. They represent an innovative vessel design and will be the first gas carriers designed with an IMO Green Passport. This includes focus on environmental friendly solutions through the entire design process.

The API ASL™ liquid level switches works on the principle of distributed acoustic wave technology providing level alarms in any liquid and in temperatures down to -200 ºC, which is unique on the market. The accuracy of the liquid level switches is extremely high and optimizes use of full capacity in the tanks and preventing spills. The series of API ASL™ Liquid Level Switches are sensors that can make up part of various control systems and are designed in more than 300 modifications for flexible use and installation.

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