API Marine has just carried out the first deck tank installations onboard the LPG tankers Tanja and Tilda Kosan.

Lauritzen-Kosan has already had API Marine technology installed onboard LPG tankers – and contracts for newbuildings. Among the newbuildings are 6 LPG tankers designed with an IMO Green Passport, which includes focus on environmental friendly solutions through the entire design process. Lauritzen-Kosan is one of the leading LPG and petrochemical gas shipping companies servicing the petrochemical industry worldwide and they will be first in the market with LPG tankers designed with this IMO Green Passport.

API Marine is heavily expanding its market share due to the reliability and durability of the products. An increasing number of orders are being placed for newbuildings of LEC/LPG, ammonia and VCM carriers in Korea, China, Japan, Russia and Europe. Especially the API ASL-500TM is recognised on the market for its capacity of working in extremely low temperatures – down to -200ºC.