API Marine can provide a wide range of high quality and reliable systems and solutions for Workboats and Tugboats. The solutions are tailor made to meet the individual requirements of most types of Workboats/Tugboats.

Scope of supply for Workboat/Tugboat:

  • Tank Level Gauging System for Ballast and Service Tanks
  • Valve and Remote Control System
  • Water Ingress Alarm System

The system is modular and can be supplied as stand-alone system or fully integrated into a combined system.

The tailor made solutions will meet most types and sizes of modern Workboats and Tugboats.

Main Functions and features:

  • Monitoring and control valves and pumps
  • Tank sounding system for ballast and service tanks

The unmatched design of the system hardware and software is 100% developed by API Marine.