API Marine can provide a fully integrated and tailormade solution for Product Oil Tankers. The solution consist of high quality sensors and control system, and a modern and user-userfriendly software package providing full automation of the vessel’s operations.

Scope of supply for Product Oil Tankers:

  • Tank Level Gauging System for Cargo Tanks
  • High Level and Overfill Alarm System
  • Tank Level Gauging System for Ballast and Service Tanks
  • Valve and Remote Control System
  • On-Line Loading and Stability Computer System

Main functions and features:

It provides centralized remote automated control and monitoring, emergency alarm and status alarm of the following:

  • Cargo and ballast operations
  • Cargo level, temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Tank sounding system for ballast and service tanks
  • High/Overfill system for cargo tanks
  • Cargo and ballast pumps operation
  • Monitoring and control valves
  • Online monitoring of loading, stability and floatability
  • Manifold pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Overfill detection for service tanks
  • Draft, trim/list monitoring

The Integrated Solutions for Product Oil Tankers are reliable and powerful tools for safe and efficient vessel operation. The unique and modular design of the system enables tailor-made solutions for any type of tankers. The system hardware and software are 100% developed and manufactured by API Marine, and it is an “open source” system with the possibility of integrating third-party equipment.

All systems are  certified and approved by all major Classification Societies.