The API Marine integrated system and solution provides full control of all activities related to tank monitoring and control on board Container Vessels.

Scope of supply for Container Vessels:

  • Tank Level Gauging System for Ballast and Service Tanks
  • Valve and Remote Control System
  • On-Line Loading and Stability Computer System

The system is modular and applications can be tailormade to meet requirements for most types of vessels. The Integrated Automation System provides easy monitoring full control of ballast and service tanks.

Main Functions and features:

  • Monitoring and control valves and pumps
  • Engine room monitoring and alarm system
  • Tank sounding system for ballast and service tanks
  • Tank temperature alarm system
  • Draft, trim/list monitoring

The unmatched design of the system hardware and software is 100% developed by API Marine,  and certified and approved by all major Classification Societies.