API Marine ApS has signed a contract with Besiktas Shipyard, Istanbul, Turkey for delivery of full Integrated Cargo Control, Monitoring and Alarm Systems for a new series of tankers to be delivered to Palmali Group of Companies.

The 10 tankers will be built as the third series of “ARMADA” project RST22M and will be equipped with fully integrated API system for cargo management, control and ships stability calculations.

The new ships combine river and open sea operations. The ships fit the Volgo-Don and Volgo-Balt channels in respect of dimensions. The total capacity of 6 tanks and 2 slop tanks is 8090 cub. m., dwt in sea is about 7050 mts on 4.60 m draught, in river dwt is 4700 mts on 3.60 m draught.

The new contract between Besiktas Shipyard/Palmali and API Marine ApS follows a very constructive cooperation between API Marine ApS and Palmali, established through deliveries of full cargo, monitoring and alarm systems for previous series of ARMADA tankers built at shipyards in Turkey and Russia.

The new vessels will be equipped with API TGD (Tank Gauging Device) in cargo tanks, a unique multi-functional unit for measuring level, pressure and temperature using non-contact acoustic GLF (Guided Low Frequency) self calibrating methods. Monitoring and control of ballast tanks, service tanks, fuel and lube oil tanks will be a combined integrated system based on API range of sensors – UTS (Ultrasonic Tanks Switch), UPT (Universal Pressure Transmitters) and API Bubbling System.

“With this new contract we continue successful cooperation with Palmali Group of Companies. The unique technology for accurate and reliable tank gauging developed by API Marine, based on acoustic principles, in combination with fast and flexible service support, securing overall reliable operation – has proved again to be the key points for the owners decision. To secure this important contract, API Marine has worked closely with Emarine Engineering Ind. & Trade Co.Ltd., Istanbul, Turkey – now appointed as official authorized API Marine representative for the Region.” – comments Sven E. Rasmussen, Managing Director of API Marine.