API Marine ApS has signed a contract with Yangzhou Kejin Shipyard Co. Ltd. in China for delivery of full Integrated Cargo Control Automation and Remote Valve Control System. The six 3600 M3 pressurized gas carriers to be equipped with fully integrated API system are ordered by Danish ship owner Lauritzen Kosan, scheduled for delivery December 2009 through December 2010.

The new contract between Yangzhou Kejin Shipyard Co. Ltd and API Marine ApS follows a very constructive cooperation between API Marine ApS and Lauritzen Kosan established through deliveries of new innovative LPG Tank Management Technologies for the Isabella Kosan series (Ship of the Year 2008, Lloyd’s List) built at Sekwang Heavy Industries, Korea.

The new vessels will be equipped with a special designed LPG/LEG TGD (Tank Gauging Device), a unique dual functional non-mechanical unit for level measuring of liquid and vapour stratification in the cargo tanks by using non-contact acoustic GLF (Guided Low Frequency) self calibrating methods.

Measuring stratification of vapour in the cargo tanks is based on calculation methods from change in the speed of sound from change of density of actual gasses – providing advantages and cost saving for owners during gas freeing procedures.

“The scope of supply for the new series of pressurized gas carriers consists of fully integrated Cargo Control Automation System, Patented Non Contact Liquid Detectors, Emergency Shut Down and Fire Protection System (Deck Spray Water via Fusible System) and Remote Valve Control System.

With this contract we continue successful cooperation with our Singapore-based partner Nordic Flow Control – producer of actuators and remote valve control systems – and expand our presence in the Chinese new building market”, – comments Sven E. Rasmussen, Managing Director of API Marine.