API Marine celebrates its first 15 years anniversary with record delivery reaching near 150.000 high quality sensors for the Global Marine World – since first batch of sensors were produced in spring 2004. Frontrunner is the UTS ( Ultrasonic Tank Switch) sensor-family based on Patented Acoustic Technology, which in real is synonymous with the Company Name “API” ( Acoustic Precise Instruments ).

During these 15 years API Marine has grown steady, and is today recognized within the Shipping Industry as a house of competence, where development, design and production processes are united in unique solutions for advanced smart tank control.

API Marine is today a recognized market leader in tank monitoring and automation, and as such have supplied solutions for more than 450 new buildings in main shipbuilding nations such as China, Korea, Turkey, Russia, Spain as well as other countries. From the very early days, API Marine today is a supplier and provider of a very comprehensive package, including the following: Our Scope of supply is:

Integrated Automation Systems (IAS)
Cargo Tank Monitoring System
Remote Sounding Systems
Valve Remote Control System
High Level and Overfill Alarm System
Loading and Stability Software/Systems
Sensors (Pressure & Temperature Transmitters, Radars, Level gauging and Level switches)

Full Sensors Package – Full Integrated Automation Systems –Full Operation and Stability Software.